Ponds & Fountains Looking Crystal Clear And How

This little fountain could be your own little miracle of life. And this should not be hard for you to do at all. It is only a small basin or bowl, really, and it is only at chest height. So, it is quite easy for you to clean and maintain over the weekends. And by Monday morning, maybe sooner, the birds will be back to their chirruping best making a real splash of things. But it is such a small little pond really. And the clever little dicky birds, well now, they have gone and flown the coop somewhere else. And why is this even happening?

The thing is; have you been to your public parks’ ponds and lakes lately. You too? You’re not going there either? Why? Because it is so smelly and downright dirty? Oh, so that is why. Anyhow, any why, now is not the time to fiddle. Now is the time to get things done. Speak to your park managers about this if you can. See if they can’t talk to their bosses about getting pond aerators and fountains will start looking crystal clear and fresh again. But all this does not happen overnight. The aerating work needs to continue for a while, perhaps even indefinitely.

pond aerators and fountains

All this, of course, depends on the condition of your parks and ponds and lakes. Aerating is good, but there is still some manual weeding to do. This can be done but then the ponds will need to be drained out. Not so easy when you are dealing with deep lakes. At that stage you will be looking at serious dredging work, work that also needs to continue for a while. It is not an overnight process cleaning up your environment.